Donna & Russell Burton

“Laurette has a great eye for color and design. She helped me pick paint colors and fabrics for our remodeled space that compliment everything else in the house, and helped to update other areas so that it all looks refreshed and new. She listened carefully to my wishes, and was a great sounding board to lead my ideas to an end design that I couldn’t be happier with!”


“Laurette had interesting ideas all along the way in the design process. She took what I told her we wanted and were thinking and found concrete examples and items that helped make it real. Almost every time she suggested something my initial reaction was “What? No!” But as time went on I would realized how right she was. We took almost all her suggestions! She was also a great sounding board for all the ideas I CAME up with and kept us focused on what was realistic. She was very patient. We are getting amazing compliments on our fantastic new kitchen and we are enjoying the use of it so much.”


“I loved working with Laurette on my kitchen redesign. I was having a tough time finding an acceptable flooring. I can’t tell you how many stores we went to and tiles we reviewed. Then on her own, she came up with the perfect floor.  Laurette is creative, knowledgeable and has excellent resources.  She also had good recommendations for counter people etc.    Working with her was a godsend!!”